Donald Goddard

Donnald Goddard – Vice President of Geology

Petroleum professional with 26 years of industry E&P experience and 18 years in oil and gas research. Specialized in the elaboration and management of multidisciplinary field studies that lead to drilling and production operations and redevelopment of mature producing areas domestically and internationally. Previous experience includes as a Consultant/ Associate at a Baton Rouge based oil and gas company involved in preparing, performing and managing upstream ( E & P) projects in the States of Louisiana, Texas and other States in the Gulf Coast region.

  • BS degree in geology, Florida State University.
  • Master in Science, University of London, England.
  • PhD in Marien Geology & Geophysics, University of London, England.
Areas of Expertise
  • Surveying and mapping geological promising sites
  • Analysis geological data
  • Ascertaining extraction risks
  • Use models to generate new drilling locations
  • Subsurface Data integration